Trevor Lane

Beowulf: A Metal Opera

Out now on CD & MP3!

I've got some big news. As we've progressed with the MLD project, the 3 of us decided that this was more than 3 individuals collaborating and that it needed to be treated as such. So, we decided that we are a band and have named that band "Northern Cross." To take advantage of resources I've already established, we're re-purposing my solo artist pages on FB, Twitter, and Reverb Nation to reflect this. Unfortunately this site's domain can't be re-purposed for this and it has not directly resulted in enough revenue to justify continuing to operate it. So, effective August 2017 it will shut down. In the mean-time please continue to follow us or click the links below and start if you don't already. The new album should be coming out this summer and we'll be looking to book some live shows at that point. So, stay tuned!